5 Foods To Cure Thyroid

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Foods To Cure ThyroidThe thyroid gland is located in the throat cavity behind the larynx. The functioning of this gland can either become suppressed (hypothyroid) or the gland can become overactive (Hyperthyroid). Either case is an ailment and causes several disorders for the patients like in hypothyroidism the patient gains excessive weight and becomes lethargic, while in hyperthyroid the patient loses a large amount of weight very fast and becomes moody and irritable.

The traditional method of dealing with these problems related to the thyroid gland are with drugs that either suppress or stimulate the gland and are usually based on iodine, radiotherapy and even surgery in extreme cases. However, if you know the food to cure thyroid gland problems, you will be able to manage your condition quite well and will be spared the harmful side effects of traditional methods of treatment.

5 Excellent Foods To Get Rid Of Thyroid

Coconut Oil

Coconut OilCoconut oil is often recommended for thyroid patients as it is the most beneficial for them. It is true however, that coconut oil on its own does not cure the thyroid related diseases and is just a thyroid friendly substitute for other oils and fats.

Iodized Salt

SaltIn some parts of the world the governments have made it compulsory for salt manufacturing companies to add iodine to the salt that they produce. This is their way of dealing with iodine deficiency, cretinism and retardation which may be the result of iodine deficiency in expecting mothers.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that too much iodine can also interfere with the functioning of the thyroid gland because of which people in some developed countries have switched to iodine free salt. It is necessary to consume some amount of iodine for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland but too much should be avoided even if it is a food to cure thyroid problems.

High Fiber Foods

High Fiber FoodsIn some thyroid patients this autoimmune disorder may be triggered by the wrong kind of diet and intolerance to gluten or wheat. This is the reason that it may be a good idea to completely cut out gluten from your diet and instead start consuming more of fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains etc.

However, if you switch to a high fiber diet you should get your thyroid levels checked in 8-12 weeks because a lot of fiber tends to interfere with the absorption of medication. Hence you may require a dosage adjustment.


Drink WaterWater happens to be one of the most powerful items that thyroid patients can consume. Water enhances the functioning of the metabolic system and can reduce your appetite, reduce edema and bloating, improve digestion and elimination and reduce constipation.

According to some experts the recommended amount of water for thyroid patients is one ounce per pound of their scale weight and it will act as a food to cure thyroid.

Goitrogenic Vegetables

Goitrogenic VegetablesThese are foods which naturally contain substances that cause the thyroid gland to enlarge and act as antithyroid drugs. They actually slow down the thyroid gland and make it underactive. These foods include broccoli, kale, cauliflower, cabbage and soy. These are recommended if you are hyperthyroid.

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