Best Brands In Makeup Palettes

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makeup paletteMakeup is gaining more and more importance in the lives of women, especially after the increase in the awareness and consciousness to look flawless and attractive whenever you step out of the house.

In the past few decades, a lot of women have started understanding the need for makeup techniques and tips and also make ways to gain more information about the products and cosmetics that are needed in the process. Makeup is the unsurpassed and instant ways to hide the defects of the skin and enhance the beauty that will catch the attention of the people around. In the past, women used to use makeup only for special occasions and event but today makeup is a part of the daily life and is used for even office wear.

However, there is a lot to learn and a lot to know when it comes to this vast subject of application of makeup. Once you get through the fundamentals and the types of makeup you can easily move on to practicing it and polishing the skills. On the other hand, talking about the products and cosmetics needed it is definitely an investment that you need to make. Therefore, it becomes more imperial to know about the right products that you should have in your makeup kit from among the innumerable options.

For each and every cosmetic item, you have uncountable brands that can be brought. For the very same purpose, you will need a guide that short list the top notch brands in a particular product. The same is valid for makeup palettes which has various colors of eye shadows all together to give you a variety of options in hand. Makeup palettes are quite in demand especially for women who do not use much of eye shadows and do not want to invest in separate single color packages of eye shadows. There are various brands that manufacture makeup palettes for your suitability.

Top Notch Makeup Palette Brands

Yves Saint Laurent Ombres 5 Lumieres

Yves Saint Laurent is one of the top notch brands when we talk about cosmetics and various other products for women. They are world class in nature and have only the best quality products in hand for you. Their items must be on the expensive side of the price scale but then it is worth every penny you spend on it.

Yves Saint Lauren makeup palette

The makeup palette by this brand definitely calls for a good investment but then you are sure to love the results on your skin with the rich colors it has in store in the package. The name itself says that the palette includes 5 hues of eye shadows for your benefit. The colors are all candy shade and you need to alter the budget to own one of them in the makeup kit. The bright shades make it a good choice for day wear, so choose accordingly. An applicator is also available with the palette for your benefit.

Bobbi Brown Ultra Nude Eye Palette

One of the other famous brands that has a five star rating in the world of cosmetic and makeup items in Bobbi Brown. As a dual benefit, they even offer you will a nude shade eye shadow palette that can be definitely a part of your makeup kit and will prove quite essential and useful in the long run. The neutral shades make is extremely beneficial for you and you will have all the more reasons to use them quite often.

Well again, it is a luxurious brand and you really need to hype up your budget to get this palette in your collection. The shades definitely make it worth for you to spend so much on the cosmetic palette. You have an eye shadow brush along with the package for convenient use.

 Le Metier de Beaute Aurora Kaleidoscope Lip Kit

Talking about makeup palettes, it’s not only available for eye shadows but also for lip colors and lipsticks. One of the best ones that you can get your hands on is the brand called Le Metier de Beaute. Though it is very expensive palette but then it offers you four great shades of lip glosses in one. You can easily choose and pick the one that goes with your mood and the occasion.

Le Metier de Beaute Aurora Kaleidoscope Lip Kit

This makeup palette is quite famous among women who love to play with different shades for their lips. The lip glosses of the palette are creamy in nature and also add an advantage of nourishing the lips completely. They have tones of red, pink and brown for your advantage. This is one makeup palette that you will be proud to have in your makeup essential kit.

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Laura Mercier Lingerie Eye and Cheek Palette

As the name suggests, this makeup palette gives you a dual benefit by having shades for the eyes as well as the cheeks and works as both a shadow and a blush. On top of that, Laura Mercier is a renowned brand that most of the women from around the world prefer to use. They have about two shades of blushes in the palette along with 6 shades of eye shadows.

The tones are all neutral and can be used by any woman irrespective of the skin color and other facial aspects. The blush and shadows have a matte finish to them which makes it even more advantageous for you. Though with a hefty price tag, the range of colors it offers you make it worth it along with the successful results you get. The quality is unsurpassed and this is one cosmetic product you can truly get addicted to.

 Paul and Joe Face and Eye Color CS in Kitty Cat

The palette from Paul and Joe deserves to be in the top notch brand list with all the features that you expect from a good cosmetic product. There are three different shades in this palette and the best part is that all three gives a different finish of makeup.

Paul and Joe Face and Eye Color CS in Kitty Cat

One of them is matte, the other is pearlescent and the third one is sparkly and shiny. It is also less expensive than the other makeup palettes and can be used both for the eyes as well as the face. The colors also add a glow to the skin.

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