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Best Ways Of Counting Calories To Lose Weight

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Best Ways Of Counting Calories To Lose WeightSo you know that you need to lose weight and the required number of kilos too. But how do you go about calculating the calories in the food and those burnt while exercising? Well, all of this is very simple!

The weight loss and maintenance of our body depends on calories. These not only provide fuel to the body but also help you stay fit.

What Are Calories

Basically calories provide energy to the body and are derived from food. Our body demands it constantly so that it can function in a healthy and safe way. Any action that we take, like getting up or taking a walk, requires calories. If you exercise, you burn calories, if you eat then you are gaining calories.

Calorie Calculator

One of the best ways to calculate the calories consumed or needed by the body are through online calculators. Basically, these are free and provide you instant results to help you in better weight management. You have to provide basic information like height, body weight and food habits to get a result of how much calories you need to consume and how much you need to lose!

Calories In Food

Once you get a jist of how many calories you should consume to lose weight, you can calculate and manage your diet better. Remember, all foods have different calorie portions.

Calories In Food

For instance, 4 calories a gram is found in proteins and carbs. Similarly a gram of fat usually has about 9 calories while alcohol has about 7 per gram. An average human being should have at least 2,000 to 2,200 calories through food.

For Weight Loss

If your calorie consumption is more than what you burn off, you will gain weight. So, if you are eating around 2500 calories in a day, but working out to burn only 2,000, then the remaining 500 calories are adding to your weight gain. So you should reduce calorie intake or exercise more to burn of these added ones.

Calorie Reduction Plan

Here’s a simple example of losing weight, with better calorie management. 3,500 calories are around .45 kgs or around a pound. So, individuals who need to burn that amount of calorie, would need to exercise to at least lose one pound.

Calorie Reduction Plan

For starters, you can reduce 500 calories each day from your diet. This means that in a matter of a week, you will have lost around a pound, since 500×7 equals to 3,4500, which is .45 kgs or around a pound.

What You Should Keep In Mind

However, these equations don’ work that simply all the time. Our body is made of lean tissues, along with water and fat. Also, when changes occur due to weight loss, you need to keep motivating your body. Else, it will reach a stagnation point. What you can do is go for low nutrient items that are not high on fat or calories. These include fruits, veggies, yogurt, lean meats etc. Reduce portions to keep calorie check.

And lastly, do remember to take a break once in a while and indulge in your favorite foods. A healthy blend of eating and exercising is the best to way to check on calories to lose weight.

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