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Delicious Anthill Caramel Cake Recipe

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Nothing can ever contest with a homemade pastry, no matter how elaborate a cake or a cookie we have baked is. While those monumental fondant cakes are for appreciative a eye mostly, many of us positively give welfare to easier pastries that are generally juicy when accompanied with some tea or coffee. How can one ever conflict a enticement of perplexing a appetizing caramel dessert, for instance? Today we wish to benefaction we a unequivocally elementary and bizarre dessert, scheming that customarily once you’ll unequivocally embody it in a list of your favorites. Have a nosey during a juicy Anthill caramel cake recipe presented below, and make certain to bake one to warn your friends with a singular honeyed flavor!

Delicious Anthill Caramel Cake Recipe

Anthill is a normal Russian dessert (called “Muraveinik” in Russian), generally renouned in a Soviet Union date of a country, when many families couldn’t means baking those costly cakes finished from many reduction for their children, and invented this utterly strange, nonetheless positively juicy honeyed treat, that has turn a vast favorite ever given then. It customarily has a form of an termite mountain (hence a name), however, we can also try to be some-more artistic and make it in a figure of tiny cupcakes or balls, for instance, or go easier and supplement a mass into a prosaic cake form and afterwards cut it into block shapes, that is what we have finished here in a tutorial.

Some people customarily supplement walnuts, chocolate or dry fruits to a mass (however, it’s not a must), during a finish trace some poppy seeds over it to give a some-more picturesque termite mountain demeanour to a cake, however, we can hang to a simplest and many elementary Anthill cake recipe that we wish to benefaction here. It, actually, requires unequivocally small (both in terms of a reduction and a efforts), however, a outcome is something celestial and uber-yummy.


• 1 egg
• 100 g melted butter
• 100 g sugar
• 6 tablespoons milk
• 1 teaspoon baking powder
• Vanilla
• 330 g plain flour, sifted

Cream Ingredients:

• 100 g butter
• 1 can baked precipitated milk/ tin caramel


Step 1: Combine a butter and sugarine in a play and kick it until removing a well-spoken paste. Add a egg and continue beating. Next, supplement a baking powder into a divert and supplement this to a mixture. Add a vanilla to give a soothing season to a dough. Sift in a flour and stimulate a brew to get a well-spoken texture. Note a brew shouldn’t be runny, so if we feel a need, supplement some some-more flour and stimulate it good until removing a coherence of unbending cookie dough. You need to make 4 balls from a whole mass, cover them with a cosmetic hang and put them in a border for 1-2 hours, vouchsafing a brew harden.

Step 2: Preheat a oven to 180 C. Take out one of a brew balls and delicately abrade it, swelling a pieces uniformly on a vast baking tray, not forgetful about regulating a vellum paper. Bake it in a oven for some 15 minutes, until removing a somewhat golden color. Remove it from a oven and let it cool. Then we need to mangle a cooled pieces of a cake (they might be stranded to any other) and place them in a vast bowl. Repeat these stairs for a remaining 3 brew balls too.

Delicious Anthill Caramel Cake Recipe

Step 3: To make a cream, we possibly need a processed baked precipitated divert or we can boil typical precipitated divert in a possess can in a play of H2O (make certain a can is always entirely submerged in H2O via a process, adding some some-more H2O if needed) for some 2 hours, let it cold and there we have a divert caramel (dulce de leche).

Step 4: Beat a butter for a cream compartment light and fluffy. Beat in a caramel divert until removing a well-spoken mixture.

Step 5: Add a cooled pieces of a cake into a play of a cream and delicately brew them together well. Pour a whole reduction into your favorite cover (the figure doesn’t unequivocally matter), resolutely patting down a cake with a tablespoon. Cover it with a cosmetic hang and place a cake in a refrigerator, vouchsafing it stay there for during slightest 4 hours (or else a cake will pile-up when slicing it) or overnight if we can unequivocally wait. You need to offer a cake cold with some tea or coffee.

As we see a methods of baking this cake significantly opposite from those of scheming normal cakes. This dessert is both elementary and delicious! We are some-more than certain that your friends, your children and we will now tumble in adore with a ethereal honeyed ambience of this Anthill cake!

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