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Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

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Cherry blossoms have always been compared with a new, uninformed start, given they announce a attainment of open any year, stuffing a vicinity with their monumental smell and delicacy. Despite their simplicity, they delight among many other pleasing flowers and it’s not in vain that many cake artists give welfare to these poetic little flowers when decorating a cake in a regretful style. Their unreal petals featuring a soothing pinkish paint can be irreplaceable musical elements generally for a marriage cake or one designed for a girl’s birthday, for instance. Today, we wish to benefaction we an easy gumpaste cherry freshness flowers tutorial, following that even beginners can conduct entrance adult with picturesque little flowers that will take their elementary cakes to a whole new artistic level!

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

How to Do Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers

To make cherry freshness flowers from gumpaste, you’ll need to have a following products and collection first:

• Light pinkish resin pulp (or a white one and a pinkish jelly food coloring)
• A cone modelling tool
• A root moulding modelling tool
• A rolling pin
• Paintbrushes
• A glue for cake decorating
• A paper floristry tape
• Edible powder colorings
• Flower figure cutter
• Flower 3D mould
• Pliers
• White and immature floral wires

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

Gum Paste/ Sugarpaste Recipe

The many critical partial here is certainly a resin paste. You can get it in any cake-decorating store or supermarket, however, if we cite creation it on your own, hang to a recipe presented below.


• 1 egg white
• 30ml/ 2 tbsp glass glucose
• 625g topping sugar
• A little white unfeeling fat
• A splash of CMC (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose) powder


• Put a egg white and a glass glucose into a bow. You need to use a comfortable ladle for a glucose.

• Start sifting a topping sugarine into a play little by little, stirring a reduction until removing a thick paste.

• Dust a list with topping sugarine and put a prepared reduction on it. Start kneading a pulp until removing a soothing and well-spoken texture. If it turns out to be somewhat dry, overlay in a little unfeeling oil and stimulate a pulp again. If a pulp turns out to be really soft, we need to supplement a bit some-more of a topping sugar.

• Store a pulp in a food-grade polythene bag in a cold place during room temperature. Before regulating it, we need to stimulate it.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

Step 1: If we have a prepared pinkish gumpaste, we need to start rolling it out. However, if it’s white, we need to supplement a few drops of a succulent coloring into it and stimulate it until removing a uniformly colored paste. Roll out a pulp to a smallest thickness, given a flower petals are really ethereal and a ones done of a thicker pulp will demeanour unrealistic.

Step 2: Using a flower figure blade cut out several flowers. If we don’t have one, we can do it regulating a pointy knife.

Step 3: If we don’t have a flower 3D mould, we need to use a cone modelling apparatus to somewhat scatter a edges of a flower petals and afterwards a root moulding modelling apparatus to give hardness to a petals. However, if we have a flower 3D mould, simply place a flower into it, tighten it with a second finish and kindly press it, giving a ideal hardness to a petals. Gently take out a flowers from a mould.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial
Step 4: Cut a immature floral wires, take one and overlay a tip of it with pliers. You afterwards need to drop a folded tip into a succulent glue. Make little dots from a white modelling pulp and hang them to a folded tip of a floral wire.

Step 5: Take an succulent red powder coloring and somewhat dirt a middle partial of a flowers regulating a paintbrush. After this, we need to insert a immature handle with a white dot trustworthy to one of a finish into a flower a approach that a white dot appears in a core of a flower. Last though not least, make a little dot from a immature resin pulp and insert it into a same handle so that it hang to a behind of a flower. You need to leave a flowers to dry out during room temperature, that might final a integrate of days.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial
Step 6: Now, we need to make little leaves from a immature resin paste. Again initial we need to hurl it out, and afterwards cut out root shapes from it with a pointy knife. You can also use a root figure cutter, if we have one. Attach a immature handle to a finish and put it on a wavy flower former set vouchsafing it dry out.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial
Step 7: As your flowers and leaves are all ready, we need to accumulate them together into a bunch. Take a white floral wire, reason it a bit next a immature floral handle with a flower on it and insert them together with a immature paper floristry tape. Next place another flower during a bit reduce turn and continue attaching it to a white handle with a same floristry tape. This way, we need to insert all a flowers and leaves to any other in a pointless order, removing a garland of cherry freshness flowers.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossom Flowers Tutorial

Last though not least, we can request your garland of cherry freshness flowers to your cake, transferring it into a genuine square of art. With a few easy steps, we have managed to supplement a sorcery hold to your cake, branch it into a noted honeyed treat!

Cake Decoration by Cake Artist Narine from Dulces De Lilith

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