Researchers Find Positive Effect Of Anti-Alcohol Drug In Trial

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According to World Health Organization (WHO), 3.3 million deaths around the globe takes place each year due to excessive alcohol consumption.

To overcome this harmful addiction, many medicines has been invented till date one of which is “baclofen.”

Baclofen which was designed to cure muscle spasms, was given approval by French health authorities for the treatment of alcoholism in 2014. The researchers, on March 17 provided new evidence supporting the claim.

According to the study, baclofen reflected positive results when consumed in high dosage over a year of treatment.

Results Of The Study

For the purpose of the study, the developers conducted a drug trial titled Bacloville. The trail was conducted on 320 addictive drinkers aged between 18 to 65 years, from May 2012 to June 2013.

For further analysis, the trail compared the results of baclofen given in high doses to one group of participants, with the “dummy” placebo given to another group. Both the groups, as well as their monitors, did not know which participant was getting what pill. The patients were not stopped from consuming alcohol during the survey.

The result revealed that 57 percent of the participants who were given the real drug balcofen either gave up consumption, or consumed alcohol in limits when compared to 37 percent who were given the “placebo pill”.

On March 18, another study titled Alpadir, revealed that people who consumed baclofen, considerably decreased their alcohol consumption when compared to participants who received placebo pills. However, in many places, people have been using this drug without any kind of proper prescription to help them control alcohol consumption.

The main idea about the significant effect of this drug was initiated in a book titled “Le Denniver Verre,” (The Last Drink) in 2008.The book was penned by French American cardiologist Olivier Ameisen, who cited that use of baclofen has helped him to control his alcohol consumption significantly.

Contradictory Results About The Drug

Apart from all the positive results reflecting how well the baclofen drug helps to control alcohol consumption, few of the results also pointed in the other direction.

Some Dutch researchers have stated that the effect of baclofen is equal to counseling, and holds no special power to cure alcoholism. The researchers also warned that, without the right proof of its efficiency, the drug mustn’t be prescribed on high dosage to an addict.

On March 17, Ethypharm, the lab which manufactures the baclofen drug, stated that by the end of this month, it will be placing an application to make it commercial for treating alcohol addiction in France.

The results of the study were released at a conference in Paris.

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