Top 6 Foods That Cure Piles

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Top Foods That Cure PilesPiles is caused by the swelling of the varicose veins inside or outside the rectum. An inflammation on the outside causes a lot of pain, while inflammation inside the rectum can cause bleeding which is also very painful. People suffering from piles feel a lot of discomfort while passing their bowels and hence avoid the necessity resulting in severe constipation.

Along with pain there is a general discomfort and itching in the rectal area. Traditional medicine does not do much to cure this problem and the last resort is usually surgery. However, the fact is that this ailment can be cured with simple foods that cure piles. Home remedies are the best when it comes to dealing with piles and the pain associated with it.

Excellent 6 Foods For Piles


FigsTake a few dried figs and soak them in water. Have these soaked figs and the water on an empty stomach the first thing in the morning. Take the same treatment in the evening as well.

A few weeks of taking this remedy will give great relief from the swollen veins in the rectum and greatly reduce the pain associated with piles. The seeds in the figs are known to be especially beneficial.

White Radish

White RadishTake a white radish and extract the juice, and then consume the juice with a little honey or salt mixed in it. This juice can be taken up to two times a day.

You can also grind white radish into a paste and mix it with milk. Applying this paste on the infected and painful areas will give a lot of relief from the discomfort and pain. Radish is a great food that cures piles.

Pomegranate Peels And Buttermilk

PomegranateBoth these are very beneficial for the treatment of piles on an urgent basis. Take some pomegranate peels and soak them in water overnight. In the morning discard the peels and drink the water. You can also drink buttermilk laced with rock salt and black pepper. Both these remedies work immediately and give relief from bleeding and painful piles.

Onion Juice

Onion JuiceOnion juice is well known for its healing properties and is useful for curing things as different as gray hair and bronchitis. It is also useful in the treatment of bleeding piles and is known to stop bleeding quickly. You should take onion juice with sugar in order for it to act as a food that cures piles.

Sesame Seeds

Sesame SeedsYou can make a decoction of sesame seeds and drink it, or you could make sweetmeats of these seeds and eat them. Another way to use sesame seeds for the treatment of piles is to powder them and make a paste with butter. This paste when applied on the problem area gives great relief from piles.

Carrot Juice And Goat Milk

Carrot JuiceBleeding piles can be treated quickly with the help of this remedy. If you require treatment of piles on an urgent basis, you can take carrot juice along with fresh goat’s milk. The milk should be curdled for it to become an effective food that cures piles.

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